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Workouts at SpineGeek Chiropractic

Couple working outWorried that working out is too much for you?

It does not have to be!

We can customize our workouts to what’s appropriate for you. Dr. Joe has patients who have knee issues and he has them sit in a chair. We create ways for you to get a good workout sitting or standing.

Join Us on Saturdays

Every Saturday, we have an in-office workout that we’d love to have you join us for. It takes only 12 minutes! The form of exercise we do is called HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. This training has a fat-burning, hormone-balancing effect on the body to help you look and feel your best.

Can’t Make It Here?

It’s okay if you’re not able to join us in person. All of our workout videos are posted on our YouTube channel. You can watch them at your convenience and complete the workout in your home. There’s a total of 30 days’ worth of workout videos on our channel, so you’ll be set up for a month’s worth of fitness.

Each video has a total of four exercises. We do each one for 30 seconds a time, then take a one-minute break. We do a few rounds, totaling 12 minutes.


There are tons of forms of exercises out there. Why do we use HIIT? Because it’s proven that if we can get you huffing and puffing, that will drive oxygen into your cells and make you into a fat-burning machine. You’ll become healthy and strong. This form of exercise has benefits that reach over into other parts of your life, too.

You’ll become stronger in body, mind and even in your connections and relationships with other people. You’ll sleep better, have a greater appetite and get more out of life.

Learn More Today

Workout Hours

8:00 AM

Want to work out with us? Contact SpineGeek Chiropractic to get more information!


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