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Chiropractic Care

God made your body to be strong and healthy.

To understand this on a deeper level, think of grass seed. You put it in the ground and give it water. The seed will grow into healthy, fresh green grass. The power, however, isn’t in the grass. It’s in the seed! You just have it give it what it needs for it to thrive.

But if there’s a kink in your watering hose, your grass will turn brown. Brown grass represents the symptoms we see like headaches, back pain, neck pain and infertility. It’s your brain warning you that your body isn’t healthy.

That means it’s time to get moving and find a solution before it’s too late!

Techniques Suited to Your Preferences

Your chiropractic adjustments are designed to suit your needs and preferences – otherwise, they simply won’t work for you! That’s why it matters to Dr. Joe how you want to be adjusted. He’s skilled in a range of techniques, from more aggressive ones to the softest touch.

The most common techniques used at our office include

  • Thompson drop
  • Pettibon
  • Max Living Correction Technique
  • Torque Release Technique®
  • ArthroStim®

Our thorough analysis will tell us where you need to be adjusted and how. We’ll combine that with what you want to give you the most effective adjustment possible.

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