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About SpineGeek Chiropractic

Dr. Joseph Arvay DC, or Dr. Joe, graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, back in 1991. It was his original goal to practice in his home area, the Midwest. After a year in Ohio, he was led to Colorado to practice with a fellow chiropractor and friend, Dr. Rob Jackson. Dr. Jackson had taught Dr. Joe the Thompson Technique back in school together.

Once here, Dr. Joe knew: this was exactly where he was meant to be. “I love it and I am so thankful to God for bringing me here. Every day, He reveals to me why I’m still doing this after more than 25 years.” – Dr. Joe

Join the SpineGeek Nation

Dr. Joe is the SpineGeek doctor. Our patients are the SpineGeek army. We see our role as one that rights injustices in the world. Where something is going wrong, we want to make it right.

We often use the example of green grass, brown grass and dead grass. You want your grass to be bright green and flourishing. If you’re having a health challenge, your grass is brown. The next step after that is dead grass. We don’t want you to get there. We know you can live a happy, healthy, amazing and fun life. We’re here to make sure you can get there.

God’s Laws

We follow God’s laws on health and healing. God created you with greatness inside of you. He doesn’t need help to heal you – He just needs no interference. We find those blocks that are making you stuck and get them “unstuck,” letting you heal and move in the right direction.

God did not want us to be sick and miserable. It’s our job to help you realize the person God intended and designed you to be. Reach your destiny in health and happiness with us!

It’s All About the Nervous System

For years, Dr. Joe’s daughter, Leah, struggled with seizures. They worsened as she got older, and Dr. Joe made it his mission to help God heal his daughter. He went to a seminar where another chiropractor talked about the importance of a proper curve in the neck. Leah had suffered a bad fall at eight months old. Dr. Joe and his wife had no idea at the time, but it had torn ligaments in Leah’s neck, leaving her without the proper curve.

Dr. Joe finally knew what to do. He corrected her spine, then applied nutrition, exercise and prayers. Once the nerve system’s power was turned back on, the seizures stopped. Leah is now in her 30s and living her best life.

We’ve been fortunate to have several miracle stories like that one. Women who couldn’t get pregnant and now have children. People who had cancer that went away. Some suffered from pain like headaches for decades and found relief. Depressed people who were suicidal found they want to live again. Athletes have won gold medals. Families are happy and healthy due to their care and what they learn in our office.

Talks for Area Businesses and Groups

Dr. Joe is available to hold a seminar at your organization. If you want to learn more about how you can turn your grass from brown to green, don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with Dr. Joe. Contact our chiropractic care center today!


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