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Pediatric Chiropractic at SpineGeek Chiropractic

When your baby was just a seed, God took nine months for your Baby to grow. There was no help needed from you – there simply could be no interference present. Once your baby is born, due to possible birth trauma, serious health problems can develop. That’s why we love seeing children at SpineGeek Chiropractic, knowing they’re getting a great start in life.

It Starts With Birth Trauma

The minute your baby’s head crowns, the doctors and nurses give their all to pull the baby out. They tug with their hands or use tools like a forceps or vacuum to jerk the baby out. Studies show that 80% of children born have a misalignment in their upper neck. It’s no wonder, with all the pulling on their head and spine!

Right from the start, your baby can go from being in the healthy green grass zone and begin to slip into the unhealthy brown grass zone. The majority of issues we see in teens, adults and seniors started on day one of their lives.

Adjusting a baby or child is extremely gentle. You don’t need much force to make sure your kids have green grass health. With a soft touch, we can make corrections to their nervous system. We can also use a handheld instrument. There is no cracking done on our youngest patients.

You know that after your baby’s first teeth erupt, they have to start going to the dentist. But they emerge into this world with a spine already. What are you doing to make sure it’s in good shape? We will come to your birthing center, your home or you can stop by on your drive home from the hospital. Babies usually sleep right through a spinal check. Though it seems simple and gentle, it’s what will get them on the road to health and living a green grass life!

Ella competed in the sport of Equestrian Vaulting, gymnastics on the back of a horse. During the competition the horse misbehaved and reared back and fell on top of little Ella. She had many injuries due to the impact of the horse. They did not know how long it would take to see her recover, or if she would recover. Dr. Joe got a call and was asked if he would go to the hospital and help her. And for the next 100+ days, Dr. Joe went almost everyday to adjust her and get her body going back to the green grass zone. Through many prayers, the help of all the hospital team, and Dr. Joe’s adjustments, she made a full recovery and was able to go home and get back to her life.
Ella before and after treatment

What is the new patient process for a child like?

The new patient process is the same for children as it is for adults. They’ll have slightly different paperwork involved. Know that we’ll go slowly. Dr. Joe will get down on your child’s level, playing with them or coloring. Nothing is forced. We want your child to think this is a fun, enjoyable place, and we’re skilled at making it so.
What if my child has special needs?

Have no fear. We are great at adjusting children who have special needs. We will accommodate them and make it a comfortable experience.
What types of issues have you helped kids with?

We’ve seen babies failing to thrive. Children who couldn’t walk or were wetting the bed. Children who were failing in school or were on the autism spectrum. With chiropractic, they have a better quality of life.

One of Dr. Joe’s favorite cases were two boys diagnosed with leukemia. They received care along with their cancer treatments. Cancer-free today, they live in green grass and know how to stay there, continuing to get periodic adjustments.

Another special case of Dr. Joe’s was his oldest daughter Leah, due to birth trauma and a serious fall at 8 months old, she developed a seizure disorder that lasted from age 5 until age 17. Dr. Joe was forced to seek out scientific methods of finding why her body was expressing brown grass seizures. Thanks to the mentorship of Dr. Burl Pettibon DC, Dr. Joe was able to find the problem on Leah’s spinal x-rays, learn how to correct it, and set his own daughter free to enjoy a full life in the green grass zone.

Take the First Step

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