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Meet the Team at SpineGeek Chiropractic

Our warm and friendly team members are passionate about helping patients enjoy optimal health. We’d like you to get to know them better.

X-ray Nerd and Spinal Rehabilitation Geek

X-ray Technician, Grant Arvey“My favorite part about working at SpineGeek Chiropractic is the opportunity to serve my community and see everyone’s journey to a happier lifestyle.” Grant has worked at our practice for over 13 years now and has enjoyed the amazing journey full of growing moments.

Grant’s perspective on health has always been one of giving it your all and to keep going even when it hurts. Being with the practice has shown him that giving your all is sometimes taking it slow and letting your body rest when it needs to—to maintain a good balance.

To keep eating quality food has always been Grant’s favorite health tip. His family has always been health conscious since Grant was a young child. He grew up with three siblings all eating good food and exercising.

Be Mindful of Mental Health

While in this season, Grant is working out more and eating healthier than ever, the main constant in all his years has been taking care of his internal health above all else. “Spinal care has been a constant thing in my life as well as maintaining good mental health. You cannot fix a body if the system that’s running it is deteriorating.”

In His Spare Time

When Grant’s not working, he’s passionate about creating things. In particular, he enjoys the arts like painting, sculpture and design. Making things and tinkering with his hands brings him great satisfaction.

Grant also enjoys spending time with his close-knit family. “We have our own language sometimes from the years of quality time together and inside jokes. My family is very loving and uplifting. I wouldn’t trade my ‘barrel of monkeys’ family for anything.”

Front Desk Communications, Chief Baby Holder and Spinal Rehabilitation Geek

SpineGeek Chiropractic Front Desk, Heather Aguero“I enjoy seeing our patients making improvements to their health. Whether it is them coming in with less pain and more relief in the areas they hurt or making even bigger changes like losing weight and getting stronger.”

Staying Healthy

Since she began working at our clinic, Heather’s perspective on health hasn’t changed much. Her challenge is putting it into practice what you know.—changing bad habits and having the self-control to say no to unhealthy things. “With Dr. Joe on my side and cheering me on, it helps me stay healthy and strong in a natural way.”

For Heather, it was a huge eye-opener to find out that her spine needs to have three curves, to a certain degree, for all of her organs and nerves to work together correctly—the way God made them work.

“When I do my home exercises, I do my part in keeping my body healthy, while also taking the time to get adjusted, so Dr. Joe can do his part to help me get healthy as well.”

Another way Heather stays healthy is eating natural, grown food, not man-made food.

Family, Faith and Fun

Heather is a mother of three amazing children, who are her everything. “I want to have an amazing quality of life to live for Christ. And be able to do what He has called me to do with energy and excitement.”

When she’s not at the practice, Heather likes to garden, paint, DIY projects, hike, play ultimate Frisbee, watch her kids play their sports games and watch their dance performances.

Accounts and Billing Manager, Spine Rehabilitation Geek

Billing Manager, Jesse ButlerFor Jesse, his favorite part of working at the practice is how much he gets to help patients! “I love putting a smile on everyone’s face and making sure they have the best experience possible every time they walk through our doors.”

Since Jesse started working at our clinic in 2015, he has seen that there is hope for anyone in any situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem. “Chiropractic has worked miracles on countless people in our office.” He believes that everyone can be helped by this form of natural health care.

Jesse’s Tips for Healthy Living

“I always encourage people to drink water, get adjusted and stay happy!” In his off-time, Jesse is on a mission to be an Olympic Judo player. He is training hard and traveling the world to pursue his Olympic mission. As a SpineGeek family our office supports and sponsors Jesse on this Olympic mission.

His long-term goal is to take all he has learned in the office and all he has learn on his Olympic mission and use Judo to improve the health and happiness of others.

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