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Women’s Health at SpineGeek Chiropractic

Pregnant mom folding baby clothesHappily married since 1989, and with four grown children, Dr. Joe has a pretty good idea of what it takes to raise a healthy family. Though their family has had health challenges, they’ve had victories, too. There’s a sign on our door that says, “The healthiest families in the world come here.”

We want you and your family to be one of them.

Having a wife and two daughters has taught Dr. Joe many things about women and the health challenges they can face.

As Dr. Joe was dealing with the special needs of his oldest daughter leah, he learned how to help his wife through the stress and hardships that can come with having a special needs child.

Dr. Joe has helped women who have had pelvic floor issues due to pregancy and giving birth.

When it comes to women’s health, there are plenty of important concerns that we can take care of. Whether you have a particular problem or want to experience overall health, our team is here for you.

Fertility Concerns

Over nearly 30 years in practice, Dr. Joe has seen many women who were struggling to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy through all nine months. Think about it: if your body is in the brown grass zone, it’s going to have a harder time producing a baby. We can work on improving both you and your partner’s health so that you can conceive.

Why You Need a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

You want the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth. Your brain runs the show for everything else in the body. It communicates via the spine and nerve system. When you get adjusted, your spine is aligned and your pelvis is in the right position for a safe delivery.

Everything in your system will be better able to stay in check, including your hormones and weight.

After you have your baby, postpartum care is essential. You need to return to your healthy, strong and normal self, just like God designed you to be.

There’s no one-size-fits-all care here. Each time you see us, you’ll get an adjustment based on what you need that day. Pregnant moms are treated no differently. You’ll lie face down on our tables that accompany your growing belly. Through each stage of pregnancy, we have the right techniques for you.

Dr. Joe is skilled in the Webster Technique, which he learned from the developer Dr. Webster himself. This is sometimes known as a breech-turning technique, but it’s actually designed to make sure your baby has the space to get into the right position for delivery.

Will you work with my OB?

Absolutely. We work with OBs, nurses, midwives and anyone else on your team. Collaboration is what will ensure you’re at your healthiest!
What is the new patient process like for a pregnant woman?

You’ll be taken through the same new patient process as anyone else. Naturally, we don’t take X-rays on our pregnant patients. We use a thorough evaluation, including thermography, to determine your needs.
Does care have any positive effects on my baby?

Think about it: the happier a mom is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the better off her baby will be. You want your baby to exist in an environment of peace and love. Anything you do or anything you take, your baby will get.

With chiropractic, we connect the brain and body, so everything is working holistically to produce this healthy, beautiful new life.

How often will I need to come in?

The frequency of your visits will depend completely on what we find with your examination. We’ll figure out if you are in the green grass zone, brown grass zone, or dead grass zone of health. and then we will give you the best recommendations to get you back into the green grass zone. !

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