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Dr. Arvay Celebrates 30 Years in Practice

SpineGeek Chiropractic is delighted to celebrate our chiropractor’s three decades in practice! Dr. Arvay reflects on how natural chiropractic care has been the answer for his patients seeking healing help. He also shares his proudest accomplishments.

“God has been good to us each day since we opened SpineGeek Chiropractic in November 1992!” Over these last 30 years, Dr. Arvay has loved caring for all the people who come to us looking for healing. They tried everything else, and found answers in our office.

I love helping them understand how the doctor is in them; we just need to get their healing power turned back on, and then help them live in a way to keep it on.

Things That Have & Haven’t Changed

Naturally, some things have changed over Dr. Arvay’s years in practice. “The practice itself looked very different; we had big ugly bushes in the front, the office was all compartmentalized with lots of rooms, and now it’s completely open and wonderful.”

So what hasn’t changed? “The one thing that has not changed from Day One is our passion to end all the pain and suffering in our community. Ever since 1992, we have offered safe, natural, and organic ways to help you feel good and look even better, and the best part is that we have never needed to use a medication or procedure to see healing happen for each of our patients.”

Being His Best for Patients, Staff and Family

“After 30 years, I am a better listener and try to put myself in my patients’ shoes to better understand how to help them. Not only have I changed as a doctor, I have also changed as a team leader, husband, and father. This office has a way of bringing out the best in me and others.”

Who’s Got Your Back? We Do!

To celebrate our big milestone, we have a SpineGeek Chiropractic Army truck named “Big Joe” parked out front with our 30th anniversary banners on him. Inside, our office is decorated with signs that say, “Who’s got your back? We do ever since 1992!” We’re also celebrating by being so grateful for all the people we have served since the practice opened.

What Is Dr. Arvay Most Proud of?

Our chiropractor is proud of many things, including his four wonderful children, who have all worked at the practice. Here are some of his many other accomplishments:

  • Dr. Arvay’s way of adjusting and special doctoring allowed him to be the chiropractor for the 2010 Colorado Rapids when they won the MLS Cup.
  • He adjusted athletes from the USA Judo and Wrestling teams for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Our chiropractor won the People’s Choice Award for the City of Northglenn three times.

What’s most rewarding for Dr. Arvay, however, is seeing a smile on an infant or child’s face after an adjustment. “They make our world a better place!”

Take Advantage of Our Special Offer

To celebrate Dr. Arvay’s years in service, we’re providing over $500 worth of new patient services for only $199! That’s a savings of $300 for anyone who wants to get to the cause of their pain. They have nothing to lose. After they see their spinal X-rays, if they are not 100% satisfied, we will refund them their $199.

Please congratulate Dr. Arvay for his 30 years in practice. He looks forward to seeing you and yours soon!

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